Customer: Hustandes Fjordhytter
Targets: Photos to social media
Place: Sunnmøre Alps

The bathtub between dream Sunnmøre.
Among the rugged Norwegian mountains, countless valleys paint vivid mental images, but some hidden gems surpass imagination. 
On a pleasant afternoon, I find myself a few hours' drive from Trondheim, navigating a winding road in Sæbø. As I ascend, the magnificent Hurtigruten ship rests a mere hundred meters away. This secluded paradise belongs to Anders, a landowner with a remarkable property. His domain comprises numerous huts, equipped with modern amenities, and a fleet of boats gracing the stunning Hjørundfjord. Perched a dozen meters above sea level, the property offers an extraordinary vista, seemingly capturing more sunlight than nearby Sæbø or Øye. The crystal-clear waters glisten with a captivating blue hue, even in the embrace of September. A gentle, 21-degree Celsius breeze adds to the charm, reminding me of sheer luck. This idyllic retreat defies expectations, inviting you to explore its secrets. The interplay of nature and man's touch paints a picture of serenity, evoking the essence of the Norwegian wilderness. I discovered the tranquility, bask in the warmth, and embrace the magic of this coastal haven. Here, every moment feels touched by serendipity
people in bathtub, in the background are beautiful mountains
English tourist relaxed in bathtub after the hiking.

I liked this photo the most when photographing for Anders's media that time. Tourists took advantage of the great weather, hiking a different mountain every day, and they devoted a few days to the Sæbø side. A few years ago, they were on the other side, in Øye.
Although it sounds like we are talking about a large area and perhaps looking at the map may not seem so, once you are in this magical land, the long fjord divides Sunnmøre almost in two same parts and together with the sides of the Storfjorden and the Austefjorden forms something in shape of circle. Planning to divide it into several trips, I have the impression that Sunnmøre is rather an enclave, from which memories can be put in a jar and taken home, to get to know each other, almost in its entirety, which in the context of the number of mountains and climbing opportunities in Norway does not make you dizzy. With my tendency to mark "I want to go" points on the map, I can somehow separate the Sunnmøre Alps region in my head, not only because of its geography but also because of its uniqueness.
Stålberg hornet
Stålberg hornet fjellet, Helghornet behind

         Atmospheric terrace with patio and bathtub is situated between huts just by the sea line,             the opposite is mountain with uncommon shape, Stålberg hornet. I feel like I could stare at the view for hours.

The day was coming to the end, on the coffee table inside the photographed cabin there is a note from four guests from California who went to the Ålesund airport last morning. The correctness of the norwegian handwriting tells me that they can be Norwegian Americans. No wonder that they keep coming back. I expect many guests leave surprises for Anders here, but sometimes words mean more.
The night has fallen...
A group of a dozen Slovaks who came to fish, probably haven't finished their beer yet, they don't know anything about the view outside :) The day after they will ask, omg where is that :) 
Hustadnes fjordhytter on the right, Anders land, view from Sæbø. In the distance, the peaks of Eglibu on the left, the mentioned Stålberg hornet on the right.
Sæbø on a September afternoon.
Hurtigruten tourists is drinking coffee, others is going along the seashore and photograph the ship in the background of Saksa, the peak on which I will have the opportunity to set foot the next day.

Some black and white below:

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