Customer: Heimdal Sykkel Verksted
Targets:  Two a promotion videos to social media
Place: Trondheim, Heimdal

Lenses:  Sony 35mm f1.8, 16-35 f4

I am excited to introduce my partnership with Arian, the bike guru at Heimdal Sykkel Verksted! Arian's mastery in bike repairs, including electric bikes, is second to none. Together, we've crafted captivating video content showcasing his skill and passion. Arian's love for cycling is a family tradition, passed down through generations. At Heimdal Sykkel Verksted, you'll discover more than just excellent repairs – it's a hub for bike lovers. Explore his showroom filled with high-quality bikes.
We've created a cinematic clip with dynamic sound, showcasing Arian's expertise and the lively ambiance of Heimdal Sykkel Verksted. This engaging video encapsulates the essence of cycling passion, inviting you to experience the thrill firsthand. Next a video shortly presents a shop.

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