Customer: Paintless Dental Repair Service
Targets: videos and photos to website and e-mail trade offer
Place: Trondheim, south

Metal tool case opens, arrangement says that I have contact with person caries about details right away.
Not only owner of the company is meticulous. "my grandfather was an handcraftsman, blacksmith" he said.             I understand, because I know region that he came from, is legendary a hotbed of talentfull carpenters, furrierers, sculptors. 
A full day with specialist from PDR can teach patience, work is absolutely on details, what I watched with admiration. Great eye, a lot of the best brand tools from the US and patience straightens the sheet metal to the factory condition.

Stars of the evening are worthy Nissan Navara and novelty from electric cars´s world, BMW iX. 
Shoots were made in underground parking and service garage, which are typical places where the PDR Trondheim provides service for customer, beside car centers. Intension of video and photos was create little bit mystery perspective of work. 
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