Customer: ATL Bygg
Targets: 15s teaser to social platforms, and 1 min information film to email campaign, product presentation, company website, and social media.
Place: Trondheim
Lenses Sony: 35mm f1.8, 16-35 f4; Drone: Dji mavic air 2
After my customers became familiar with my style and started giving consistently positive feedback, I happily scheduled a meeting with a client who was recommended through word of mouth The client was seeking an innovative perspective on a product which patented, and plans to introduce to the market. The main goal was to showcase the machine's use in natural conditions, during the construction of structural ceilings. Therefore, my drone came into play, which for the first time closely observed a crane operator.In recent years, Trondheim has seen many new buildings and neighborhoods. The advertising photos were taken in a new, prestigious neighborhood near the city center, in district name Leangen, where apartments on higher floors offer a panoramic view of the fjord, 1 km away.​​​​​​​
Collaborating with specialists in the field allows us to feel confident that what we produce is of a professional nature. Here, the film is merely a complement. I made it clear that during the recordings, work should proceed at its own pace. While I strive to be a shadow and respect every hour of the client's time, I also aim to best capture their vision.

ATL Bygg, with years of experience in reinforcement work, has created and patented the ATL BOX machine, making work easier for similar companies. Safety is also a significant issue here, as the lack of proper solutions in this area previously directly affected the health of workers. This machine also ensures time savings compared to standard solutions.
Choosing two types of films is a great strategy! 
The first film, lasting several seconds and aimed at grabbing attention, should be dynamic, creative, and short, ideal for sharing on social media platforms. It features fast cuts and music that evokes emotions. The main goal of this film will be to captivate the viewer and encourage them to further engage with the brand.
The second film, which serves an informative purpose, is more detailed and educational. It explains the topic in a calmer, clearer, and more accessible manner so that viewers can easily understand the conveyed content. The film will also be used in client presentations, along with separate 3D product graphics.
Combined, both films can effectively capture attention and provide necessary information, creating a comprehensive social media communication strategy.

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