Targets: 15s commercial video, and 1 min information film to social media
Place: Trondheim

Technical information:
Gear: Camera Sony; lenses: 35mm f1.8, 16-35 f4; Drone Dji mavic air 2.
App to editing: Final Cut Pro X
The company's anniversary presents a fantastic opportunity to encapsulate its activities through a film, showcasing its growth and range of operations in a timely manner. This not only allows for a reflection on the company's journey but also serves as a means to engage new customers. We have produced two films for this occasion. The first, a brief video tailored for Facebook and Instagram, serves as a sponsored post aimed at capturing the viewer's attention and directing them to our profile. The second film is more informative and commemorates the company's 10 years of operation. The short film exclusively incorporates recent footage that I personally recorded and edited.
The informative film serves as an exemplary demonstration of how to craft a narrative using the client's materials. It blends ideas from old photos with fresh recordings, creating a compelling story that encapsulates the essence of the company's decade-long journey.
My recordings for the film were based on clips from a newly renovated apartment in the center of Trondheim, worth several million crowns. There I had the opportunity to see the really careful finishing work of the company, which made a good impression on me, which turned into an even greater pleasure of cooperation. The next place was a construction site where I used a drone and took closer shots of the workers. The next stage was the collection of the client's materials, selection of music, narrator and editing. I remember the project very well.

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